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Mocktails / Beverages / Shorbots
bullet Swarnali Sandhya
A frozen mix of mango, strawberry and lime
bullet Baburam Sapure
A chocolaty and nutty experience of coffee, cream and pineapple juice
bullet Abak Jalpan
A tropical extravaganza with tender coconut
bullet Rupashi Bangla
An exciting affair of crème de menthe entwined with lychee and lemonade
bullet Ampora Shorbot
An old favourite
bullet Canned Juice
(MRP plus establishment charges)
bullet Soft Drinks
(MRP plus establishment charges)
bullet Neel Akasher Neeche
A velvety combination of pineapple, apple & blue curacao laced with vanilla
bullet Lolita
Mocktail wizard - Irfan's favourite!
bullet Halka Hawa
For all you calorie shakers
bullet Harano Sur
A cool mix of apple & grapes laced with vanilla ice cream
bullet Sabuj Deeper Raja
A unique combination of khus, cardamom, pineapple and cucumber
bullet Sundari Kamala
A delicate mix of strawberry and orange with a hint of lime and ginger
bullet Ice Pice
A tangy blend of mango, orange and guava entwined with spices
bullet Oori Baba
A delicate mix of lychee and guava entwined with spices