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BM Comfort– it is designed to offer more elbow room and to bring down the waiting time right through the year. 

BM Music– Music is an integral part of a Bengali's life . Thus the music played at our Hindustan Road outlet also plays a very significant role in creating the ambience and mood.

Apart from the channel music that we play through out the day, there is also live music that we offer to our customers during weekends viz Saturdays.

The music that we play on our channel music is carefully selected to cater to all age groups and ranges from Bengali classics of the 60's to Rabindra Sangeet to the modern songs of the 90's.

The artists who perform in our live music shows range from Baul singers to Rabindra Sangeet exponents to modern Bengali singers.

BM Additional Kitchen– At our Hindustan Road outlet we have an additional kitchen that serves a range of adapted variety of pora (grilled), bhapa (steamed), bhaja (fried) andshedho (boiled) items, signifying the beginning of Bhojohori's global journey - but moulded to suit the palate of the local and globetrotting Indian as well as international connoisseurs of food. It is different from the range offered at the other six outlets of


but due to the acceptance of the variety offered, this additional kitchen variety is also on offer at the


outlet in Bangalore.

BM Buffet Lunch/Dinner– From time to time we design buffet lunch/ dinners based on various concepts and accompanied by live band performances. 

For the Bangalore outlet


has designed a series of Super Lunch Offers which will change from time to time. The emphasis is on affordability and quick time service.

BM Mocktail Bar– The Hindustan Road outlet offers its customers an exotic array of mocktails. The very names of the items would stir up the nostalgic memories. To check more about it - click here. 

BM Table Reservation– Customers at our Hindustan Road outlet can now reserve their tables in advance during weekdays. This facility is not available at any of our other three outlets. You can call 033 2466 3941 or 033 2466 7686.

BM Pricing– For the above mentioned special facilities and offerings at the Hindustan Road outlet, the pricing is a little different from the other three outlets of Bhojohori Manna, but still remains moderate and highly affordable.

To have an idea of the menu pricing and planning for yourself - just click here.