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offers an extensive and FREE home delivery service spread right across the city. There is no delivery charges whatsoever – only a reasonable minimum order value has to be ordered with the unit closest to your place of delivery. All our outlets in the Kolkata and Bangalore (check Location for details) have its own home delivery system and team in place with dedicated cell phone numbers for convenience to have orders delivered.

Since no preservatives are used in our cooking, we strongly recommend removing the lids from the containers on receipt OR refrigerating the contents- if you intend consuming later.

A unique feature of our home delivery system is DEKCHI SUPPLY. You can order in advance, for us to deliver and serve out to your guests at home.There are fixed rates for the number of service boys provided.This service is ideally designed for 30 to a maximum of 99 heads. So go ahead and have those parties that you have been planning for some time now!

There’s only a small price to pay for the convenience.